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How Professional Staff Support Service Can Help You

Entrepreneurs need to focus on the core business and innovation of business success. But when running special projects like internal audit, Sarbanes-Oxley Act Section 404 compliance, ERP implementation, setup of budget or forecast and etc., they might require support from specialists. Sometimes, they will find that such kinds of resources are not readily available within the corporation. And on the other hand, they also cannot simply outsource them to the external consultant because they still need to “own” these projects.

One of the solutions we offer under these situations is that we send experienced personnel to join the project team, working under client’s direct supervision and taking the role as a team member. Project ownership remains with the client, which ensures that project management, key technical know-how and risk controls are under client’s monitor and do not walk outside the door.

Advantages to Use Our Professional Staff Support Service

We can help you manage the situation when shortage of staff resources. Very often, choosing a temporary help service amounts to nothing more than a last-minute phone call to fill an absence or to get help in a crisis. However, taking a more strategic approach to choose a temporary professional staff support can be very valuable. Not only can you minimize the cost, but also you may be able to find professionals who are far more productive for the tasks at hand.

Our commitment to long-term assignment gives you the flexibility to build your own staff, keep project moving forward, and assist overburdened personnel without incurring expenses of payroll and employee benefits. ThinkBridge professionals have the knowledge, expertise and motivation to make your project a success.

Qualification of Our Professionals

ThinkBridge professionals have unique knowledge and skills in the areas of:

- Internal audit

- Process and risk management

- Internal control evaluation

- PRC GAAP compliance

- Merge & Acquisition advisory

- SOX404 compliance, and etc.

We add value to client by sharing our knowledge and experience, common and best practices as our specific insight and recommendations.

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